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on earth as it is on heaven

NEF is led by a team of friends and followers of Jesus who work together, through all the important decisions of the church, in a transparent and accountable way.

The team is led by senior leader Graham Jones who has many year experience in church planting and leadership. We have always sought to have an eclectic team of people from different cultures and roles in life.

The current leader team of NEF comprises:

Graham Jones (UK)
Léa Jones (France)
Linda Halpert (USA) assistant pastor
Stephen Halpert (USA)
Oana Gerard (Romania)
Karen Harrison (USA)
Stuart Robertson (Australia)
Kylie Robertson (Australia)

At NEF we love to listen to the thoughts and suggestions of all our members. We believe that God speaks to, and through all of us. We love to meet with people and listen to their dreams and perspectives on our church.